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Gandhi’s impressions
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Container für gefährliches

Dezember 15th, 2006

moskau metro platz fuer unbekannte gepaecksstuecke

Fast in allen 172 Stationen der Metro in Moskau findet man solch ein Metallgebilde an irgendeiner Ecke. Hier werden verdächtig anmutende, alleingelassene, und vermeintlich gefährliche Taschen und Pakete untergebracht. Aber über eine tatsächliche Verwendung dieser Metallgebilde ist mir noch nichts zu Ohren gekommen.

3 Responses to “Container für gefährliches”

  1. comment number 1 by: Juergen + His girlfriend

    Now – this very second, it is SNOWING in mockva??? ( we are watching CNN on TV now and the reporter is interviewing Alexandr Lebedev and it is snowing in the background at the Krasnaya Plosha!!!) Is it snowing at your place right now???

  2. comment number 2 by: Juergen + His girlfriend

    and Juergen wants me to tell u that we are off to Gandhi-Land for christmas!!! Oh yes, delhi and maye we will make the way to Afghanistan to see the buddhist caves- if the Taliban hadnt dynamited those caves yet…. Gandhi – we come to pay you respects!!! We will think of u, Juergen’s gandhi friend, when we are there!

  3. comment number 3 by: gandhi

    i think i am posting this 30 minutes after your post. Hm, I am not sure about the time difference.
    snow?! – no snow. but just now i get told that it is normal that 10 km far away it may snow….but i don’t believe it :)

    wow!, i am surprised, to see you in the net…so..both of you, i am happy about it

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